Giving Twice-An IFDA miracle story


Yesterday before our IFDA meeting, I checked with our Guest Speaker Rochel Collins to make sure she had everything she needed for her presentation later that same evening.  "I'm good except I need a blank wall or screen for my presentation.  I have the projector," she said.  One problem.  Our meeting is at Mandarin Antiques, and THERE ARE NO BLANK WALLS!  So I assured her I can find a screen.  My two sources were winners in my mind, until I discovered that they were BOTH out of town!  What to do in a panic!?  This was the day of the presentation and we had NO SCREEN!!

I recalled last December I had donated my grandfather's home projection system to the GoodWill along with other items I can brought down from Cleveland after his passing.  What was I going to do with a 1960's home projector?  Maybe, just maybe I'd find one similar at the GoodWill.  It was a long shot.  

I went to the GoodWill at noon of the presentation day.  I looked through a sea of people pouring over used furniture, golf clubs, unwanted popcorn poppers, etc.  Amongst the golf clubs in this rack, I saw what looked to be a long tubular item.  I pulled it out and realized it was the SAME projection screen that I had donated 10 months earlier!   I quickly checked it for condition as it had some cobwebs on the fold-out stand legs but checked out OK.  

I headed to the register.  I cannot believe this!  Where's the price?  Where's the price?  I wondered.

I got to the register, and she rang it up for $6.96!  I quickly paid and peeled my car out and went to set up the meeting.  

After the presentation, I shared the story with the group and everyone loved the story.  I guess it was meant to be mine again afterall.  I am going to donate it to IFDA in case we need it again.  Thanks Grandpa for helping me out yesterday!