IFDA Code of Ethics

Members of the International Furnishings and Design association are expected to conduct themselves honorable so as to maintain the integrity of the association. To that end, each member shall adhere to following rules of conduct and principles guiding membership behavior:

  1. A member shall abide by the bylaws of both the International and Chapter organizations and hold membership in the association as both a privilege and a responsibility.
  2. A member is obligated through personal and professional conduct to uphold and maintain, beyond reproach, the dignity of the association.
  3. The name "International Furnishings and Design Association" may be utilized by the International organization and its affiliated Chapters, who must add the proper Chapter designation to the name, expect that and individual may, with written approval of the International Board of Directors, use the name of the association to sponsor or co-sponsor an activity or purpose.
  4. A member shall not utilize their position as an officer in the Association, or their membership, to gain purely personal advantage in advertising, merchandising, or promotion. However, a member may and is encouraged, to utilize the initials "IFDA" after their name on business stationary and business announcements.
  5. A member shall recognize and respect the professional standards of other IFDA members and shall encourage a high level of cooperation with allied organizations.
  6. A member shall sponsor for IFDA membership, only those individuals known to have, and to practice, the highest professional and ethical standards.
  7. Only members may use any IFDA Directory as a mailing list for commercial or professional educational purposes. Use of the membership list for political purposes is strictly prohibited. Non-members may use the list with Chapter or International Board approval.
  8. A member shall fully and honorably represent their qualifications at all times.

CODE OF ETHICS November 2, 2001