Internal Branding

Karen Jett

External Branding Starts with Internal Branding

Attracting new clients is all about aligning your values, offerings and the customers’ perception of your business. When done in perfect harmony you maximize the chance of success. But did you know that all of this starts with the internal brand? Come learn how to align your internal brand in a way that truly reflects the external brand you want to be.

Karen L. Jett, CMA is an internal brand specialist and partner at RedKnight, a marketing and print company that focuses on your brand. The strongest brands start by being clear about what your company believes, building that throughout your organization and then sharing it with the world.


Karen Jett has successfully designed original workshops, authored books and built a successful business around improving core business processes. She is the perfect balance of analytical and creative. As a CMA she has a deep understanding of company financials. Pair this with her ethics knowledge and a well-rounded understanding of how brands are built from the inside out and she is well suited to strengthen your brand and leadership team.

AV Requirements: 
LCD Projector and Screen
Lavaliere Microphone

References are available upon request from the speaker.