July Program: The Power of Color: Wardrobe, Workplace & Work-world

 IFDA Texas Chapter presented The Power of Color:  Wardrobe, Workplace & Work-world by Ayo Fashola, Sensual Chic Style

By Laura Davis, AIA IFDA, IFDA Texas Chapter VP Communications


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Most of us stare into our closets in the morning and think, “What do I want to wear today?” When we really should ask, “What do I want to SAY today?”



Members and guests of the IFDA Texas Chapter gathered on July 21, 2011 at the Select Art gallery in Dallas for a special event. The cause for the occasion was two-fold: first, to feature an excellent speaker who would share how we can use the power of color to attract quality clients and enhance our ability to communicate, and second, to bring attention to the new 2011-2012 IFDA membership opportunity.


For a program about the importance of color and communication, the setting could not have been more appropriate. Attendees mingled and networked among pieces of contemporary art and sculpture. Select Art ( gallery owner Paul Adelson and business partner Alan Simmons welcomed IFDA members and their guests while sharing the stories about each art piece’s origin and artist.


As the sun began to go down on a steamy 105 degree day, the energy in the gallery was picking up. Chapter President Becky Pipka welcomed everyone to the event and shared important details about the chapter leadership, programs, and membership goals. Following a personal introduction by her newest client, our speaker Ayo Fashola took over and introduced us to new ways to think about our approach to personal style and communication.


You might think all you ever needed to know about color you learned in design school, but you might be missing a few insights. Ayo offered examples how women and men of differing personality types would likely use different clothing, accessories, and color palettes to express their inner style. It is through this outward, visible expression of our personal style that we begin to communicate with those around us. Ayo stated, “It comes down to using color to communicate your personal brand.”


Such a seemingly simple concept, yet most of us stare into our closets in the morning and think, “What do I want to wear today?” When we really should ask, “What do I want to SAY today?”


By defining what we want to communicate, we will begin to attract the same kind of client. In other words, if you dress to express that you are a fun, creative, friendly, energetic person with high standards for quality then the people who naturally value and identify with those qualities will gravitate towards you.


Power of Color Ayo Fashola 02Ms. Fashola’s message really began to resonate with those in the audience when the discussion turned to “mirroring” our client’s style. Should we tailor our dress to be similar to our client’s taste, style, and preferences?


“The problem with that approach,” Ayo explained, “is that it’s an ‘outside-in’ perspective. When you have 10 or 20 clients and you are working from an ‘outside-in’ perspective, it can run your energy into the ground.” Presenting ourselves to the world based on what makes us tick on the inside, rather than adjusting our personal style based on every outside influence, will allow us to be more successful in attracting great clients with whom we enjoy working.


“You don’t want to try to be all things to everyone. You want to be the right person for someone. It’s about quality clients, not quantity.” Quality clients believe in us and will follow us anywhere.  They will welcome us back each season and be appreciative repeat customers. And isn’t that what we all want?



Information about Ayo Fashola


Principal style consultant and owner of Sensual Chic Style, Ayo Fashola serves her clients as an image therapist, wardrobe specialist and personal brand strategist. With over 10 years of experience, she delivers a vibrant, intuitive, and sophisticated approach to assist her clients in developing a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention they want, personally and professionally. Ayo originally started her company in Dallas, Texas and now lives in Bowie, Maryland. Learn more about Ayo Fashola and Sensual Chic Style at