Probing and Prioritizing/Pricing and Profitability

Jody Seivert

The first part “Probing and Prioritizing” is 60 minutes devoted to ‘opening’ the interaction between and designer and prospective client.  It includes: 

- The telephone screen format - to identify quickly if you can move to the next step

- The initial visit - what the objective is an how to meet that objective

- Customer preparation and homework - how to determine their true commitment and willingness to participate in YOUR process

- Your website and collateral material - how to use it to help the client move forward and say ‘Yes’ quicker


Prior to this section, the designers to fill out an anonymous, brief questionnaire about their pricing, hourly charge, mark up and mark down, and profit margins. The program is offered with a break between sessions…during that break their information is collated and loaded it into the presentation so that they learn the averages and median numbers of their marketplace and competition. This is GREAT information!


The second part “Pricing and Profitability” is 60 minutes devoted to ‘structuring’ the sales process to maximize profitability.  It includes:

- Hourly rates - how do you charge and how do you compare to your competition?

- Mark up and Mark down - which is best and for which project?

- Profit and Profit margins - what are they are why are they important to you?

To summarize the material – designers participate in a group exercise with all of the elements of a project and determine the profitability of the project and if they should take it on or not. It’s EYE-OPENING to see how they engage in this new perspective and way of doing business. 



CEU Credits: 

This program has .2 IDCEC CEU’s when offered together - .1 CEU for each segment, .2 total.  And with the ASID increased in required CEU’s from .6 to 1.0 in a 2 year period, this .2 CEU program is great for you!   It also has .3 CEU’s from CQRID for IDS designers.

AV Requirements: 
LCD Projector and Screen

James Druckman, President/CEO New York Design Center 212-679-9500 x15
Jobst T. Blachy, President/CEO Rose Tarlow-Melrose House 323-651-2202