Garette Johnson


160 Overlook Ave. Apt. 19C
Hackensack, NJ, 07601
United States
Phone: 201-638-1500

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ImageGarrott Designs creates fine art for residential and commercial hospitality/retail spaces by collaborating with interior designers, architects, product developers and lifestyle brands to establish brand story.

Garette Johnson, the creative director behind Garrott Designs, shares a philosophy with innovative architects and interior designers to elevate the everyday through thoughtful design. Garette advocates the democratization of art by contributing to the sensory experience at retail, hospitality and office spaces.

Garrott Designs mission is to elevate the everyday by creating unforgettable visual narratives, and unique environmental experiences that resonates with culture and community.

Through Projects and Partnerships, Garrott Designs provides insight and guidance by decoding significant cultural shifts, product categories and environmental trends which enables clients to confidently craft meaningful brand identities and delightful customer experiences.

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